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Here are some of our thoughts about the movie An Inconvenient Truth

Yah I though some of it was very informative but most of it just went right over my head.....

I personally thought it was good, because we need to stop global warming!! we need to stop the earth from getting tortured..well anyways thats my opinion...so yeah thanks!

Albert Arnold Jr. Gore was the 45th Vice President. He is best known as the loser of the 2000 U.S. presidential election. He has been trying to prevent Global Warming for many years. He was hoping his presidency would help spread awareness but he was not elected.

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On one end we have a guy Drilling global warming
into are Tiny heads. And the other end we realize
that what he is saying is so Very true. And we cant stop
the impact of our wrong doings. Even though we know
that it is wrong. This movie Was great and I enjoyed It alot!
it captured Global warming in it's Prime Time. and had just
enough scare in it to be good and not Snoozeland. I give 3 out of Five Stars
<3 Out of 5>

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personnally i didnt like the movie.... but only because i thought it was a tad boring but thats alright?.. guess what!?!?! my parents just left to regina to buy me car!!! aint that sweeet?!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooo. Yay. Hahaha annnhyways.. back to Al Gore... hes a pretty cool guy i bet he doesnt even drive a car because it uses energy er something which causes the rays to heat up the planet and were all guna die of like heat exhaughtionn from global warming.. and ya but thats not good so we can use plastic bags bc some just dont BIODEGRATE! ohmigod. what is.. ..... ..... this world coming to... ?!::)) hahha good bye.

P.s kk dont think im dumb but.. i never everrr really understood what global warming really even is or means or anything.. i just didnt reallly catch on to it.. ever. haha PEACE.