I Made the one for Mrs. Rosso and think it's Great your doing one For Arndt
..... Jesse B
He's Mr. Arndt Jesse not Arndt...


Thiss was the best year in the WHOLE WORLDD!! You made that Class the best class ever.... Even tho i tried to waste time it was stikk FUNN!! Have fun next year... REmind the grade nines how Good our class was and how much funn we made itt... and tell them that it will be hard to beat uss we are still your fav!
Iam going to miss you soo much. You are a greatt TEACHER!! =]
I hope that you have a AWESOME Summer!:)<3


Assuming Mr. Arndt is reading this,
Thanks for a great year. I've really developed in some of my writing and I have you to thank. Also, I have learned some great grammar tips. Exciting! I hope you have a good summer! See you around next year!

Mr Arndt,
Thanks for a wonderful year. You've taught me alot this year, Thanks for everything, have a great summer!!