Alright Mrs. Rosso This page is for You
I want all the Students to put Nice Things and Pictures On this page
to See what they come up with

mrs. rosso:
i hope you like your mirror image of you .... no just kidding have a great summer
peace, justin

Hey Mrs. Rosso
Best wishes to you on the years to
come. Hope you and your family have a Great Summer
oh and justin the monkey thing is Hilarious.


Hey Mrs. Rosso,
Well school is almost done for the year, and that means grade 9 is almost done. Which means we aren't going to have you next year...:(
So I hope you have a great summer, and we'll see you around
lots of love<3
Kellyn&Elysia :)

Mrs. Rosso:
The year is almost over DX im so going to miss you!! all the teachers!!!!! Your class was so great!!! An i hope that ill see you around the halls next year!! Your class I think was..... different... in a good way! it was so great doing labs in your class! last year when a teachr said to do a lab, our class moaned, and grouned. But this year when you said to do a lab, we like couldn`t wait to start!! Have a great summer Mrs. Rosso.
Jenna XD

have good summerz peace

Where to start.? Well i am REALLY sad that the year is almost OVER:( But you made my Grade nine year the best anyone could have done. You are a Great teacher. You made social and science the best I wouldn't have wanted a different teacher cause you where the BEST!! I hope that ill see you in the summer or next year in the hallways! I loved doing labs. I would rather do that then BOOK WORK!! I hope you have a Great summer and have fun with the students Next Year! Remeber to tell them How AWSOME we were!! =] <3 Iam going to miss you as a teacher!!



Have a really good summer Mrs. Rosso! I'll really miss you, you're a great teacher!