Why Wiki?? The question is why NOT wiki!!! I think this a great way to learn new stuff from others while have fun making the pages and answering peoples questions!! XD . It is also a Great form of Communication and interaction with other peers and can be loads and loads of fun. It is great to see that there is hope for wiki's in the future. There are many productive things you can do with this form of website

Well i am Dani, But i think Wiki is awesome because you can contact with other people and you can show alot of people things they have never seen beofre! you can do so many things with Wiki and its fun....i have had alot of fun make pages and adding if i were u i would get one!! its sweeet!!! well anywyas thats all for now..!!

Well actually Dani There are many places you can make Wiki's here are a few places that i have used
wetpaint wiki's - A fun place to Interact and Many features Included in Wiki Builder Top reccomend
Zoho Wiki's - Also a good link for Rapid wiki Creation
No ads Advanced Features
PB wiki - Teaching / Personal Wiki's
* Normal Features
And there are many Places out there to begin making wiki's and create a Webaloution / Digital Revolution

Thats cool